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Beyond Technique:
Psychotherapy in the 21st Century

Jason Aaronson, 1996 
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How to Meditate
Bantam (any edition)  
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The Dilemma of Psychology

Dutton, 1990
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By Ruth Bolletino:

How to Talk with Family Caregivers about Cancer

W.W.Norton, September 2009

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Cover of "How to Talk with Family Caregivers about Cancer" by Ruth Bolletino“As a doctor who has worked with many cancer patients, I have studied how to help them with the difficult emotional challenges that can come with the diagnosis. When a beloved in my own family received a serious cancer diagnosis, I became so distraught that I couldn’t think clearly and didn’t know what to do. This wonderful book calmed me, focused me, and helped me stay present and genuinely helpful.  Ruth Bolletino is a seasoned, compassionate   professional who can teach any caregiver, professional, or family to truly support people with cancer.” 

-  Martin Rossman, MD, author of Fighting Cancer from Within

Cancer affects not only the person who is ill, but the entire family. The therapist working with family caregivers must help them navigate turbulent emotions and bewildering medical, practical, and psychological issues. Their main concerns are How can I deal with this terrible situation? and How can I help the person I love? This book addresses both of these questions and much more.

Drawing on years of clinical experience with patients and those closest to them, Bolletino offers an approach emphasizing the uniqueness of each client and the importance of understanding their experiential world. The result is a practical and sensitive guide to providing emotional and intellectual support to caregivers during a crisis overturning their lives.

“Without disciplined compassion and an open-hearted acceptance of other experiences and worldview, the work of therapists and counselor degenerates into the mechanical. Bolletino, in her description of the special problems of caregivers of people with cancer, demonstrates and teaches what psychotherapy is at its best:  a human interaction moving toward both curing and healing the client. I know of no group of therapists or counselors, advanced or beginning, who would not benefit from reading this book.”

-  Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.,  author of Cancer as a Turning Point and Beyond Technique:  Psychotherapy for the 21st Century

“Seldom have I read a book that radiates such wisdom and compassion from every page…This landmark work will lessen the toll that cancer takes on caregivers, and in so doing will benefit those suffering from cancer as well. Bolletino sets a new standard in insight, clarity, conciseness, and caring. Highly recommended.”

- Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words,  The Power of Premonition, Meaning and Medicine, Reinventing Medicine, and others;  Editor-in chief, “Explore: the Journal of Science and Healing”